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Legionella Risk Management

There is potential for outbreaks of illness from exposure to Legionella growing in Building system such as: Cooling towers, Domestic potable cold and Hot water, spa pools, Humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers and even ornamental fountains.

Due to this high risk factor, Local government agencies are tasked with the monitoring of these systems, most often the State Department of Health.

Specialty Chemicals can help you meet the requirements associated with Legionella risk management, including:

  • Effective treatment programs for microbiological, scale and corrosion control

  • Cooling Tower cleaning and disinfection services by our technicians

  • Microbiological analysis, including legionella culture testing for both potable and non-potable waters

  • Online reporting and documentation Field Service Reports

  • The development of Water Management Plans per ASHRAE 188-2018 and CMS 17-30 requirements

  • Professional Risk Assessment/ Hazard Analysis/ Flow Diagrams/ Building Surveys

  • Independent 3rd party validation Laboratory Services

  • Supplemental Disinfection systems

  • Point of Use Filtration

  • Management Training and consultation

  • Program Inspections and Certifications required by Government Agencies


SCI has the experience and resources to help you develop and implement a Water Management Program that conforms with ASHRAE Standard 188-2018, Risk Management for Building Water Systems for Cooling Towers and Potable water systems.

These systems require the proper management and selection of biocides, monitoring, control and disinfection to comply with the standard.

Please contact us for more information and help.

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