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Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment

Our Passion is to set the standard in the water treatment industry for quality, value and service.

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Industrial Water Treatment

Effective water treatment is an essential part of the preventative maintenance program for any water system.

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Hot & Cold Closed Loop Systems

Hot water, chilled water, tempered water, process water and glycol filled closed loops are not always given enough consideration in a water treatment program, which can be a costly mistake! Closed loops that are not properly treated can cause significant corrosion damage. Closed loops that are leaking can waste water and energy while causing corrosion. These systems must be checked on a regular basis to confirm proper treatment level and system integrity. We have the product line and technical expertise to recommend the appropriate treatment for the metallurgy in any closed loop system and monitor it after treatment is applied.

Heating Water Loops

Hot water closed loop heating systems at times are heated by high efficiency boilers with aluminum heat exchangers. These aluminum heat exchangers cannot tolerate the high pH levels created by common closed loop treatment products.

Special corrosion inhibitors for these systems must be incorporated to protect these heat exchangers and the rest of the system metals from corrosion. It is critical to take into consideration the type of metals of composition in a system in order to treat them properly and avoid any failures.


Chilled Water Closed Loops

Chilled water systems require treatment to prevent corrosion of the metals within the system. The most common metals are steel, copper, and copper alloys. If the copper is allowed to corrode, the copper ions in the water quickly plate out on the steel in the system, causing galvanic corrosion of the steel. Our formulations are specific to the components of the system. In addition, chilled water loops are susceptible to microbiological fowling and must be treated with the proper biocide.

Process Water Closed & Open Systems

Process water (closed and open system) often have the same treatment requirements and greater potential problems than both chilled and hot water closed systems. After evaluating the process, we often will recommend the appropriate filtration as an additional means of maintenance.


Glycol Solutions

Glycol solutions are frequently used to fill closed systems that might have potential for freezing, SCI recommends that only inhibited glycol fluids be used in these systems. Trying to treat uninhibited glycol with conventional closed loop inhibitors will NOT provide adequate protection from corrosion in these systems.


The glycol must be maintained at the appropriate level, (usually at 40 percent of the fluid) to provide adequate protection from corrosion and freezing. Low glycol levels can also allow microbiological growth and corrosion that can quickly cause damage to the system. So often, glycol systems are forgotten about and neglected.


Our program includes regular testing of these systems to insure they are properly maintained. Special glycol feeders are used to add fluid to the system when needed.

About Us

Specialty Chemicals, Inc. is a local water treatment company based in Rochester, New York. The company was started by Richard Sparks over 40 years ago, where he was the sole proprietor. I purchased the company in 2007 with the vision to build on Richard's experience and strive to become as good as my world class competitors.

Our goal is really our mission as well: "We are committed to provide solutions that give good results, low operating costs and continuous cost savings for boiler, cooling, and process water systems."

Being locally based allows us to serve our customers in the immediate and surrounding areas. This allows us to be very responsive to our customers' needs along with supporting our local economy.  We also utilize 3rd party local certified laboratories for quick and accurate results.

Our service team specializes in the water treatment for heating, cooling and process systems for any type of industrial or commercial facility.

Our programs are designed to optimize the heat transfer, corrosion and microbiological control of all types of systems which is the heart and soul of what we do. Effectively doing so offers many benefits while being conscientious to limit the impact to the environment.  

We have developed systems and formulations that enable us to provide high quality, lower cost chemicals at or above industry standards.

Although some companies may have other priorities, we realize that maximizing YOUR company's efficiency, lowering fuel costs, saving money is OUR top priority. Safety, reliability, (eliminate or limit down times)  longevity of the equipment, microbiological control, meeting compliance of local and federal regulations along with others are all a concern. As you can see, there is much at stake with whom you trust to be your water treatment supplier. It is VERY important to chose the right one for the job!

The starting point is to conduct an on-site needs analysis of your operations. This includes your equipment needs and principles of operation. Upon the completion and evaluation of this study, we can provide formulations unique to your operation, recommendations for the equipment and suggestions for operational procedures.


We have a strong commitment to our customers’ success. We believe our customer relationship is a partnership towards that goal. 

We value our customers and vendors, fostering long term trusting relationships by displaying courtesy and integrity to each individual with whom we do business. We realize that people are the core of our business.



Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, Specialty Chemicals is there for you!

About Us
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Thank you!

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